Invaders from Mars

"Who's the cute spaceman?"
they smirked as he aimed his gun.
"I don't come in peace!"


Smile vs. Frown

There are forty three muscles in the human face.
There is no definitive number of muscles used to smile or frown because
each smile and frown is different and unique the occasion.

I tend to frown more as I'm a very grumpy person.

No Nom-Nom! No!

Sometimes I go to places to eat and think...



L'amour de canard

Our love with echo through the ages even if our quacks do not.

*the myth about duck quacks not echoing has been disproved by science. Google it.

** endless duck love has never been quantified or qualified - just accept it.


skillet skills

Sue heated the pan,
it was about to get real,
we're talking breakfast.



Huevos Banchanos

Brian is thirsty.
"Shots!" he orders at the bar.
"Johnny Walker Black!"

Bodhisattva Vow

Promise beyond death
to strive for enlightenment
for the sake of all


The Legion meets to discuss budgets

"Gentlemen, I've gathered you here to discuss our current financial situation. We're spending far too much on poorly conceived plans of world domination with little-to-no remuneration.

Look, look... all I am saying is we have a laboratory filled with cutting edge scientific innovation and all of this state-of-the-art technology and we can't seem to draft a single plan to use them without threatening the planet with destruction. That stuff doesn't come cheap.

Yes, I know, I know. We're using the threat of world destruction as a means to solicit ransom - Yes, but if they don't pay, we can't very well blow up the planet.

Because we also live on the planet.

Well, I just think a threat we cannot actually execute is a poor incentive to capitulate to our demands.

Then you and I do not see eye to eye, Malcolm."